I feel so bad for women at night outside alone.

I feel so bad for women at night outside alone.

I feel so bad for women at night outside alone.

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  1. I’m big, ugly, and scary looking. Most everything runs from me at night including predatory animals… So I offer to walk people where they need to go

  2. I just want to share something that happened tonight that’s wholesome and related to this. I live in a city that’s bad for drugs and violence so walking alone as a woman at night isnt recommended. I went to the corner store 2 blocks from my house tonight and had a man behind me yelling jibberish and clearly not well. The cashier was out smoking when I got there so he saw the guy and walked me to the corner and watched my back as I left his store. He’s newly hired so I’ve never met him but I appreciate the hell out of him.

  3. As a bloke i alwase feel obligated to make sure the girl im with gets home safe and normaly i worry for there sake more then they do, worst part is i get realy fekin paranoid in the dark…

  4. Am I the only one here who isnt afraid of walking outside at night, mostly because I live In the middle of nowhere

  5. Men are also way more likely of getting assaulted than women at night and by a lot.

  6. I always feel safe because I always carry,


    ex: pocket knife, is the most useful self defense weapon, multi tasker.


    glock 17: yes


    plasma lighter: Because why not? Fighting makes ya hungry doesn’t it?

  7. as a woman, I literally put CAN’T go outside after 8PM unless I’m in the car or something, it baffles me that ANYBODY should have to do this, the fact that some people can’t be decent human beings smh


  8. Fear doesn’t see gender bro. And I hope that there’s a safe environment in the future where one can freely walk in an alley at any time of the day without having the fear of being mugged or abducted

  9. People do have to remember that women aren’t the only target, and that the street at night is dangerous for both genders.

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