Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

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  1. I always smack my computer. Reason? Windows 7 Alienware laptop with first generation i7 core. 60-300+ ping when playing TF2, I hit it because usually when I die is because it decided to boost my ping to 157.

  2. Tip: Game with a pillow and or Teddy (bonus points if it’s a video game character) by your side. Feel free to get it and or punch it. No consequences

  3. I got so tired of my kid punching the wall when he lost in a game that I used the staple gun to put a pillow on the wall for him to punch instead.

  4. It goes like this for me,
    Rage quit,
    Come back,
    Hit something,
    Rage quit for rest of the day and moves on to another game

  5. None

    I don’t get mad at loosing when it was my fault I laugh and say “good job killing me”

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