While the Americans are asleep

While the Americans are asleep

While the Americans are asleep

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  1. Not true, we have the land of Maple Syrup and Moose to the north, and the land of margarita and enchiladas to the South.

    Also, nightshifter

  2. Not true. As an American, I view the planet as my house, my current location, and a giant mess of confusion.

  3. Like we know were Alaska is. Theres videos of people who thought it was southwest of fkn California when they were asked. Cause thats how it is on maps here -.-

  4. I was selling a snake online about a month ago and I made it clear I only shipped domestically (I’m Canadian).An American inquires about my snake knowing I’m Canadian.

    Long story short they thought “domestic” meant American and then tried to convince me I was wrong. It was the most American thing I’ve ever seen.

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