The second one

The second one

The second one

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  1. Marvel superheroes and Star Wars tcs, I do want to play the others.
    I also played dimensions but man, what a disappointment

  2. Lego star wars the original trilogy was my first but the OG lego batman was my favourite

  3. What are all these new gen lego games man… I played the complete Sega, batman 1, and Indiana Jones the original adventures back in the good ol days

  4. all of those and more:

    lego star wars the videogame, lego star wars classic trilogy, lego star wars the complete saga, lego star wars the clone wars, lego indiana jones (1 and 2), lego marvel super heroes, lego marvel avengers, lego pirates of the carebean,lego lord of the rings, lego the hobbit, lego movie videogame, lego city undercover (Wii U version), lego harry potter 1-4 and 5-7, lego jurassic world, lego the incredibels and my first lego game I disliked: Lego worlds. and soon lego star wars the skywalker saga.

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