Checkmate, flat earthers!

Checkmate, flat earthers!

Checkmate, flat earthers!

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  1. Wasn’t their theory some stupid shit like “oh yeah the earth spins like a record and the sun doesn’t radiate light but rather fires one concentrated beam of light on a location”?

  2. Remember when flat earthers spent like 100000 dollars to do some laser experiment to prove the earth was flat but they ended up proving it was round? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Edit: it was actually 20000 dollars. But still. It’s hilarious.

  3. earth is cuboid and rotates about a longitudinal axis, lateral axis, and vertical axis

    how a cuboid how can we not notice well it’s just like in inception you never notice it foolish mortals

    I blessed of our lord Cthulhu brings you his divine revelation prostrate_yourselves mortals

    and this denies your stupid time zone and artic conspiracy to overthrow our lord’s ideas and defiling them with wrong knowledge

  4. Flat earthers are just a bunch of people who claim ridiculous shit to make themselves feel special and above the mass. It’s hard for some people to accept that they won’t be any era-changing leading figure. So they stick with their “special ” belief that they hope would be proven true someday and make them truly special. It’s a waste of your time if you’re trying to debate with them.

  5. I’m one-upping the flat-earthers by not believing anyone believes the earth is flat. Easy. Done.

  6. Could be punchier. Like;

    If the earth was flat the sun would never set and it’s light would effect all time zones equally, removing the possibility of telling time by the angle and intensity of the sun’s light in the first place.

    Edit: I’m still trying to punch it up more.

  7. But But But Ice is just a different metal that is disguised by The Government to look like Ice

  8. You wont win cause they might say sun is not real and it is some light bulb, quote light bulb cant melt ice

  9. also it would be impossible to predict anything, like eclipses and general sky stuff, also gravity would be fucked in the balls, also a sphere is the most stable shape a planet can have, also literally every other planet is spherical;


    just sayin’

  10. I thought flat earth people believe we’re a dome? Like the sun and stuff is a projection on a screen?

    So in that sense it’s theoretically possible to still have “time zones” in the sense that not everywhere receives equal light

    It’s still utterly stupid though

  11. As a wise man once said: ‘Don’t argue with fools, and you will have a happy life’ (extra credit if you know who said that) this being said let’s just ignore the flat Earthers and let us continue our normal lives.

  12. They argue that the sun and the moon move like hands on a clock so when america gets sun Europe doesn’t. The main argument against flat earthers Is why if you look at a boat moveing towards the horizon you see it moving down and disappearing. so If the earth was round then the boat will just move forward until you cant see it.

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