im a moon lander

im a moon lander

im a moon lander

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  1. Some stores are designed so you can only leave through the checkout , I had to wait for someone to enter the store so I could leave …

  2. Did this at a liquor store recently when they didn’t have what I was looking for and definitely felt weird, like I had to keep my hands visible on the way out the door.

  3. I did that once and then I heard the cashier screaming and coming after me (I had my earphones in) because she thought I stole something? She was like “You can’t just go away like that” and wanted to look into my backpack.

    I just wanted to buy food coloring and you didn’t have any, I didn’t steal anything 🙁

  4. I swear in supermarkets in the UK the barrier alarms are just completely random. At my local Morrisons there’s a guard who sits in the corner next to the entrance and every time it sounds he doesn’t even bother standing up. I’ve even triggered it walking into the building!

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