Avengers: Infinity crimes

Avengers: Infinity crimes

Avengers: Infinity crimes

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  1. I mean… Hawkeye’s whole thing post infinity war is actually that he isn’t being heroic. He feels a ton of guilt and doesn’t view himself as a hero. The general public thinks he’s a hero because they don’t know Hawkeye and Ronin are the same guy. Ronin is considered a pretty bad dude (in the same way The Punisher is).

    Wanda… Literally is a bad guy and nobody who knows about her Westview activities thinks she’s some kind of hero. At most Dr Strange hoped she could find redemption through helping him but that lasted like 30s until he realized she was legitimately a threat.

  2. – Thor: Clearcut a forest by striking Cap’s shield
    – Hulk: Felony property destruction
    – Falcon: Theft of government property
    – Winter Soldier: Multiple counts of murder
    – Punisher: Multiple counts of murder
    – Daredevil: Attempted murder (Nobu)
    – Hank Pym: Assault (punched Darren Cross)

    LOL 😋

  3. Bucky has no moral responsibility for the crimes he committed while mind controlled by HYDRA. Captain America did the right thing.

  4. oh but John Walker executing a known terrorist and a conspirator in the murder of his best friend makes him irredeemable

  5. ‘Responsibie for Sokovia’ yeah and Hitler’s parents were responsible for the holocaust

  6. Don’t forget Wanda’s mass murder charges and attempted child murder and attempted kidnapping

  7. I fucking hate these arguments

    Oh Super Heroes are so bad because they did mistakes/ cause so much damage

    I feel like these idiots are forgetting that the world wouldn’t bloody exist without the Heroes

    And also each mistake the they did they always show remorse (except SW but she’s now a villain, right ?)

  8. Wanda also killed countless Africans by weaponizing the Hulk but we all seem to forget that.

  9. Honestly this stuff is why I was kinda Team Iron Man in civil war. These guys run around like rules don’t apply to them

  10. Don’t forget John Walker killing a terrorist who helped kill his best friend. That was absolutely evil.


  11. Scarlet is also responsible for Sokovia…she was “torturing” a robot while she should have been guarding the doomsday button like she volunteered to…

  12. This is the… 4th or 5th time you have posted this? Your wording is not as asinine this time though at least.

  13. You guys forget that Wanda accidentally got several civilians killed when she tried to save Cap from Crossbones

  14. They’ve also all murdered,just so many people,the only major MCU hero I can think of with no red in there ledger is Spider-Man

  15. Dont forget the new captain America and the winter soldier protecting terrorists. Shit writing

  16. I wouldn’t call Iron Man totally responsible for Sokovia. Or if he is, you also have to take into account he’s responsible for all the Sokovians that survived as well

  17. Well Cap was harbouring a innocent fugitive, so he didn’t do anything wrong. Technically he never did anything wrong.