which ship in MCU/ MCU fanbase you never liked?

which ship in MCU/ MCU fanbase you never liked?

which ship in MCU/ MCU fanbase you never liked?

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  1. The one Captain America fights the back flipping French kidnapper on

    Was a cargo ship I think.

  2. Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. Especially since Steve ends up marrying Peggy Carter when he goes back in time.

  3. Steve and Sharon were absolutely pointless, it felt like they just crammed it in to fill the “hero has to kiss the girl” quota. Black Widow and Hulk also felt pretty off.

    Now that I think about it, most of the romance was pretty boring overall.

    Edit: Phone decided to go with Steven instead of Steve, sorry folks. I’m actually surprised anyone read my post tho lol

  4. I don’t know if unpopular thought or not but I think romances are not really the strong suit of MCU in general. I don’t remember any ship I actually enjoyed, was neutral at best

  5. Not a huge fan of the ship in Thor Love and Thunder. Didn’t understand why the goats needed to be there

  6. Eleanor Bishop and Jack Duquesne. She did him super dirty and he’s such a lovable idiot.

  7. Honestly, most of the romances in the MCU feel like they lack chemistry and are only there to tick boxes. The only exception was probably Wanda and Vision, but that’s only because their relationship was centre stage in WandaVision and was given the time it needed to develop properly.

  8. There are probably less ships I like then ships that I don’t like 😅

    Steve & Sharon, Nat & Bruce (I actually like the idea of these 2 together, but the execution was so bad), Dr. Strange & Christine Palmer (such a waste of Rachel McAdams 🙈), Thor & Jane pre LaT, Ikarus & Cerci (this one was so… bland? Chemistry-less? Pointless?), Loki & Silvie… I love the MCU, but romances are not their biggest strenght.

  9. I absolutely hated everything they did with Black Widow & Hulk in *Age of Ultron*. The entire ‘faceplant in her boobs’ schtick, and the “I can’t give you babies!” speech was cringe as hell.

  10. I know it’s cool to hate on L&T these days, but I really like the way it portrayed Thor & Jane’s relationship. I think it saved it in my eyes, TBH so out of this particular grouping I actually like them all

  11. I never liked any of them really except for tony/pepper and peter/mj lol. Not hated them but I just didn’t find them interesting

    Edit: I forgot wanda/vision I do actually like them too

  12. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted Black Panther to be with Storm so I hated the MCU couple.

  13. In terms of the worst chemistry, Sersi/Ikaris and Bruce/Betty were awful. There are scenes in The Incredible Hulk that literally feel like line reads that should’ve been cut.

    As far as conceptually the characters not really working, I honestly think Star-Lord and Gamora never really quite felt it meant as much as it was presented as. They sort of skip a step in the development of their romance and I think it’s part of the reason why people didn’t swallow the Infinity War moment well when he attacks Thanos. If Quill/Gamora being together is done right up to that point people would have been more accepting of it. Not that I think the moment is out of character or anything even now but there was always something missing with those two but the actors are both good enough to make it work and they have pretty easy chemistry.

  14. Worst one has to go to Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. No chemistry, underexplained, no chemistry, never followed up on, and no chemistry.

  15. matt and karen

    Love them both. But I just don’t think they’re good for each other’s. Too many deceptions already happened.
    +lack of chemistry

  16. I don’t like the Steve / Bucky ship. Both guys are shown to be romantically involved exclusively with women, and twisting them into a gay couple does two things:

    1) It reaffirms the societal expectation that heterosexual males must remain stoic and emotionally rigid, thus intimate male relationships are deemed “gay” or “feminine” and avoided.

    2) It undermines the true emotionally intimate friendships and sense of brotherhood men *can* participate in, and Steve / Bucky’s friendship is one of the first deep depictions of that in a super hero franchise.

    I understand *why* people ship them, and ship and let ship, but I personally don’t like it.

  17. I couldn’t stand Thor and Jane until Love and Thunder. They knocked it out of the park in that one.

  18. All of them except Spider-Man and MJ. All the other ones feel forced imo, Peter and Michelle feel like they actually have chemistry, unlike most other romantic subplots.

    I don’t like romantic subplots very much at all though.

  19. Star Lord and Gamora. Literally no reason to put them together except that he was the main protagonist and she was the team’s one girl. Like they thought: oh, that’s the girl, we need to make her someone’s girlfriend.

  20. Not exactly a ship, but Sprit’s crush on Ikarus was so unnecessary and didn’t contribute anything to the film