New Avengers Lineup (probably so far)?!

New Avengers Lineup (probably so far)?!

New Avengers Lineup (probably so far)?!

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  1. Namor and Talocan are gonna do their own thing. The only team that I see Namor joining is the Illuminati if Strange ever decides to make 616 their own team.

  2. I think Rhodey is retiring in Armor Wars, Kamala is clearly being set for Young Avengers and Namor is…debatible, all depends of how far he goes in BP2, I see Carol being more an honorary Avenger than actually a full member as she is busy with cosmic stuff (same issue that exists with Strange) while Thor’s future depends of Chris’s interest to continue.

    But Shang Chi and Black Panther should be there, Bucky is also an option (depends of whatever they want him on the Thunderbolts or not), and we know Wonder Man is coming so he is another option.And I won’t be surprised to see Valkyrie and Hercules in the list too.

  3. Feige in an interview said they are building three teams: a supernatural team, a cosmic team, and a street-level team.

    Edit: I looked it up again. I was wrong to say “teams”. Here is what he said: “As you start to see, you’re talking about Ghost Rider; we’ve got Blade; we’ve got Doctor Strange; we have the supernatural angle. We’ve got the street-level with our announcement of Daredevil and of course Spidey, going into the street-level heroes. And cosmic: that’s where our friends Eros and Pip live.”

  4. – Sam Wilson
    – Carol Danvers
    – Scott Lang
    – Hope van Dyne
    – Thor Odinson
    – Jennifer Walters
    – Shang-Chi
    – Peter Parker
    – MAYBE: Yelena Belova

  5. Sorcerers are kinda there own thing, but I think Doctor Strange will have a pretty decent role in the next avengers films

  6. Shang-Chi in there for sure. I don’t think Namor as an Avenger but I do see him involved with major plot lines. Kamala may help out a bit but I see her more on the Young Avengers side. As a mix of Young Avengers and Champions

  7. Swap Namor and Ms Marvel for Shang Chi and Black Panther

    Edit: Swap War Machine for Dr. Strange and add Hulk

  8. Thor

    Ant-man and the wasp

    Ms marvel

    Doctor strange

    Captain America

    War machine

    She Hulk

    Shang Chi

    Captain marvel

    These are my picks for the avengers.

  9. Shang Chi, Hawkeye (i dont think he’s done, but smaller role, especially with Kate), Wong, Dr Strange and Wanda will be an Avenger again for the next big movie.

  10. Shang Chi better be an avenger, the more we see of him the better. Imo that was my favorite part of the mcu phase 4 so far. In the movies at least. Loki is still king

  11. This is pretty good – I’m expecting Captain America, She Hulk, Thor, Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp in Kang Dynasty

  12. lol namor and ms marvel aren’t going to be avengers

    And where’s Bucky and Shang chi and yelena?

  13. That’s a pretty solid lineup although you need to make room for Shang-Chi. However, it really hard to say what the team is going to look like. There is a lot of characters now, and so few combinations of them look like a straight from the comic roster. It’s anyone’s guess.

  14. Namor will most likely do his own thing.

    Not sure if Ms. Marvel will be with the Young Avengers or the rookie of the Avengers.

    I’m also not sure of Carol Danvers will be an Avenger or if Monica Rambeau will take her place while Carol sticks to the cosmic side of things.

    Other than that, I’d say your list is pretty spot-on. I’d add whoever the hell the new Black Panther will be too.

  15. Ms. Marvel will be in X-Men, War Machine will likely be retired after Armor Wars. Shang Chi will definitely be in there, and some version of a Hulk. Iron Heart, possibly.

  16. Spider-Man will almost certainly be a member of the Avengers. They don’t know that Spidey is Peter. But Spidey himself will still exist in the MCU.

  17. Cassie Lang is most likely becoming a hero in Quantamania.

    Iron Heart.


    We have a show and 2 phases before the next Avengers films.

  18. Namor is probably gonna die. Or just become irrelevant.

    Just how we got done dirty with Mighty Thor

  19. My prediction:

    Definitely gonna happen: Captain America, Shang Chi, She Hulk, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Spidey

    Maybe: Black Panther, War Machine, Thor, and the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye

    Definitely not gonna happen: Ms. Marvel, Bucky, Yelena, Namor, Wanda or White Vision

  20. i dunno — I’m not feeling it for Avengers anymore without Stark and Steve, Romanoff and Maximoff

  21. None of these are really interesting….Thor and Antman yeah but ehhhh……Even War Machine, but not really really.

    I guess I just miss Iron Man and standard Hulk.

  22. Even Swaps: Thor for Thor, Captain Marvel for Captain Marvel, Black Widow for Ms. Marvel (?)

    Downgrades: Cap for Falcon Cap, Iron Man for War Machine, Hulk for She Hulk.

    Upgrades: Ant Man for Ant Man & Wasp, Hawkeye for Submariner

    Sorely Missed: Vision, Wanda