Any one want to see a movie with this guy in it

Any one want to see a movie with this guy in it

Any one want to see a movie with this guy in it

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  1. In Scandinavia we have mixed feeling about this character. “Knull” is like a session of love making!

  2. I’d love to see him, but the only problem is that they kinda already gave his backstory to Malekith and the Dark Elves. Odin says the Dark Elves ruled unchallenged in the void that predated the universe. That should actually be Knull. Knull should be the one pissed about the creation of light by the Celestials, create All-Black the Necrosword, and behead the Celestial who became Knowhere

  3. Yes. If they do it will be a long time from now. I think he may be mentioned but who knows.

  4. Isn’t Gorr The Godbutcher’s sword stolen from Knull after Knull was stranded on Gorrs planet?

  5. Not really

    Hear me out: I love Knull, he’s one of my favourite characters of all time. King In Black is my favourite comic book series ever. But, they’ll probably nerf him to hell. They made Carnage into a joke. Venom is half of what he is in the comics. I don’t trust the Sony Universe with Knull. I feel like if we ever get him, he’ll be terrible. I don’t want him in the Sony Universe because I don’t want them to ruin him

  6. No, he’s like if 90s comics characters were all boiled down into one edgy goth character.

  7. I want to see him eventually, but let’s tell Venom’s story a bit before we get to this. Maybe give it a decade.

  8. It would make the prices on my Venom 3 and Thor: God of Thunder 6 skyrocket, bring it on.

  9. I hope not. He was the laziest excuse of a villain we’ve gotten in a long time. He was literally just “the new strongest character EVER” and a whole bunch of “hey remember this really cool thing this other comic writer came up with years ago? Yeah well it was actually KNULL the whole time! Hehehe” over and over again

  10. I don’t really care for the huge, cosmological significance the comics have recently given the Symbiotes. Venom was better when it was just some black, alien goo that got stuck to Peter’s costume and turned into his worst nightmare.

  11. Actually – I think Knull is set to take the stage in Thor: Love & Thunder

    Knull famously powers Gorr the God Butcher (i believe), and Gorr is set to be the big bad of that movie.

  12. Nope

    The symbiotes should’ve stayed relatively obscure, they have no place being the focus of a grand universe event like they tried to do with this guy

  13. I’m the comics he was the one who cut of the head of a celestial which became Knowhere and Knowhere is a place on the MCU so he must be a cannon character