wanda no

wanda no

wanda no

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  1. Wait wait wait.

    In age of ultron we see full naked vision and he doesnt have a dick

    HOWEVER there is a scene in WandaVision where they fuck

    Conclusion: vision attached dildo to himself

  2. How TF does this get almost 13K upvotes? It’s literally a shitty Facebook meme. What is happening to this sub

  3. Someone should screenshot this post and it it on tiktok then screenshot that and post it to Facebook!

  4. Fuck the dude that fucked with my heart while watching this. In between the episodes where I was hoping to see the actual fucking xmen show up… I believed in a world with the old xmen cast.

    Some fucking lawyers probably cock blocked that amazing idea though.

  5. Anybody seen her JOI videos? Weird asf that she would get cast in Marvel/Disney shit with those online

  6. Hmmm she did Thanos first though (I don’t know if you guys seen the Oldboy movie in English version)