What MCU films do you think would be better if the story was a little more grounded?

What MCU films do you think would be better if the story was a little more grounded?

What MCU films do you think would be better if the story was a little more grounded?

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  1. ***Black Widow*** is the only one that comes to mind that would’ve been better if more grounded. A tone something along the lines of *Winter Soldier* where the stakes can be insane, but it’s a reasonable type of big for someone like Natasha.

    In terms of what I think could work, I would remove the floating sky base and instead have it as a base in the mountains. I think turning down the insane stuff Natasha (a normal human) manages to survive could work (make it more *John Wick* levels of survivable). And I’d give it a bit of a darker, more mature tone like the opening.

  2. Well there’s always the MCU Netflix shows like Daredevil,Jessica Jones,Punisher,and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I know what your going to say and I don’t care because to me this does take place in the mcu and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise)

  3. Black Widow. The only issue I had was with the Sky Fortress.

    It could have been handled too, if Milena had simply said on the ascent, “it used to be underground, but we had Widows in DC, who managed to salvage the tech schematics for the Helicarriers, after they blew one another out of the skies. Repulsor Engines. Stealth Tech. Arc Reactors.”

    Great. That would absolutely explain how the thing flies, and stays hidden. And tie it to the wider MCU. Instead we’re left wondering how the fuck it’s managed to dodge every satellite, telescope and probably just random people looking up, and the most sophisticated surveillance states on the planet.

  4. Iron man 3.. the extremis villains felt off to me but I understand that they needed to be there so iron man could fight somebody… but i would love if the movie kept the feel of the fake mandarins threats…they were so suspenseful and cool

  5. Black Widow. It was really good until we got to the red Room. Keep it more grounded. There doesn’t have to be some huge hidden place and it is completely believable that the red Room stayed underground without anybody finding out about it because the Avengers are really bad at figuring out secret evil organisations so nobody would find it.

  6. Definitely Black Widow. I actually thought the first half of the movie wasn’t all that bad but as it got larger and larger I just felt it lost it’s touch. I would’ve much preferred Natasha in her time as a Red Room Agent or when she first joins SHIELD so we can see her struggling with her conscious and her past. Sort of like a Jason Bourne and John Wick movie coming together.

    I also feel like the Spider-Man movies wouldn’t be too burdened if they were a bit more grounded. Particularly FFH. I felt Homecoming was decently grounded for an MCU story and a Spider-Man story but I feel FFH just sort of tried to make itself a bit too big. Which yes was part of the scheme Mysterio set up but at the same time I feel like this wasn’t exactly as grounded as the first one. SHIELD and all of that maybe brought it too high for me.

  7. Black Widow, Shang-Chi and age of Ultron.

    BW starts off like an MCU Bourne film then morphs into a Roger Moore era bond film and the tonal shift is jarring as hell.

    Likewise, Shang-Chi goes from a punch up on a bus to chinese narnia, with dragon riding and kamehameha demon finishers to boot. Pretty and fun, but a bit ridiculous.

    AofU is more of a personal pet peeve, but Ultron’s ‘masterplan’ is deeply, deeply stupid, which makes it hard for me to take him seriously as a villain.

  8. Civil War. Maybe if Rhodey had been a little more grounded then things would have turned out differently

  9. Black Widow, I think, would have made for a better grounded movie more serious in tone and heavier on the espionage.

    I preferred the first half of Shang-Che as well. It was grounded and the stunt work was beautiful.

    Honestly, I’d just love to see more grounded stuff in the MCU. They’d allow for fights that involve pushing the human body to its limits, impressive stunt work, and deeper characterization. The Netflix shows are my favorite for this very reason (and I’m kind of liking Hawkeye for this reason too).

  10. Doctor Strange. It’s a fantastic movie on its own, but it’s a struggle to figure out how it fits into the MCU on first watch. It’s the first movie where I was like WOW, THIS IS REALLY DIFFERENT.