Did they watch same movie I did?

Did they watch same movie I did?

Did they watch same movie I did?

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  1. Separate topic: it would be cool to see Spidey and Hulk (preferably savage) team up in a future movie. But serious: MCU Spidey is able to defeat villains without anyone else’s help

  2. “MCU Spider-Man never does anything himself!”

    He literally destroyed invisible drones and killed a man by himself

  3. Heard terrible things about the movie so I never watched it until like 4 days ago and ngl I thought it was fucking amazing. Thought mysterio was great.

  4. You need to also add the giant shadow of Tony Stark looming over the scene. Everyone clings to that despite the fact the film is entirely about Peter stepping out as his own hero, using his own smarts, tech, powers and senses.

  5. “MCU can never do stuff themselves”
    Also them: “Hawkeye takes place in New York so where’s spider man????”

  6. I do see people’s points about how Spidey movies in MCU seem to include other heroes and/ or have villains holding a grudge against Tony, and they only turn their attention to Spidey because he tries to interfere. It doesn’t stop me from loving the movies, though! It’s just a bit of a contrast when you compare it to the older Spidey movies or even the solo films for other heroes.

  7. First of all, he’s a kid he needs all the help he can get. Second, this universe is so much bigger and full of way more heroes than 13 years ago, of course he’s going to be helped by others. And honestly he’s doing most of this stuff by himself. That was his entire arc in the first movie!

  8. This would be more accurate if there were 3 Tony Starks instead of BP, Hulk, and Thor. And one of them would be holding Spidey like a baby while bottle feeding him.

    And the same can be done for Homecoming. Just have a pic of Iron Man punching Vulture in the face and saving his own plane in the climax while Peter sits at home building legos with Ned, wearing the Iron Spider suit.

  9. Far From Home has such great character development for Peter

    Everyone really clings to the fact that Tony is involved somewhat and that it’s not set in New York

  10. Im A big Spiderman fan Tom’s a good Spiderman i hate when studios change actors and all that nonsense but whatever cant stop it i still enjoy all 3 of the Spiderman versions weve had they all bring something in their own way

  11. “He HaS nO cOnSeQuEnCeS.” He literally got his secret identity revealed, lost his chance with Liz, got detention and had to walk out of it (which didn’t work out for him), got his friends in trouble in the elevator, Mysterio with Edith, and ending up in space.
    First movie was about being your own hero without relying on the other heroes.
    Second movie was about not having the confidence of being a hero like Iron man, but rather be himself.

  12. Ya, forget all the MCU talk. Why does it look like spidey has his penis out in the bottom picture? What’s he thinking about?

  13. I don’t get the hate, these are all different adaptations of the character. I personally love all the spider men we’ve seen. People look at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and think to themselves “This isn’t what I wanted”

  14. but fr though, catching his last illusion was so beyond epic. Didn’t even look, what a chad move

  15. Does he get help from others?

    YES!!! Like all superheroes in every marvel movie, he has gotten help from others! Captain America literally uses something created by Howard Stark

  16. Yes, I did watch it.

    But it feels like Spider-Man’s story is hinged on his predecessor as opposed as his own story.

    “Tony gave me this cool suit! I’m an Avenger now and couldn’t be a hero without this suit! Oh no! Tony doesn’t think I deserve the suit! Now I gotta prove to him that I’m a hero with or without it! So I can get my suit back!”

    It feels less like Spider-Man became a hero on his own accord and more like, “I’m a hero because Tony told me after he back stabbed his friends! And I’m okay with that because he’s rich and giving me nice gifts!”

    It’s the “Gee whiz! Thanks, dad!” approach to storytelling.

    Even when dead, Spider-Man can’t have a story without it hinging on Stark messing up.

  17. Toms spiderman and his movies are my favourite. There I said it. And I grew up on tobey and andrews movies and hes still my favourite!

  18. Ah, so it’s that time, when I get upvoted instead of downvoted for defending MCU Spidey?

  19. I’d say homecoming is the one where that problem really stands out. It really does remind you it’s an MCU movie every 5 minutes. Far From Home grows beyond that habit to make a really good movie.

  20. Anybody else think a ton of the hatred towards this version is that we’ve gotten used to spider-man in more of a leadership role in team ups in the past (90’s animated Spider-Man immediately comes to mind) but we haven’t seen that in the team ups in the MCU? I’ve loved all 3 of the recent spider-men, but holland’s performance strikes me as the most realistic to a teenager getting all of this thrust upon them. Plus he’s the only one to actually do a New York accent, despite being the only one not born in the states

  21. I don’t get why people hate Mcu spidey. It would have just felt incomplete without such an important character

  22. I love the point that Mysterio tried to fake with Peter again as he got next to Peter AND USED A FUCKING GUN

    Not many villains uses normal guns, they usually have their own nifty tech or powers, Mysterio had the intelligence of making illusions and in terms of combat, his only focking defense, was a fucking glock

  23. Mcu Spider-Man “can’t do anything himself and relies on stark” but he defeated vulture in his pyjamas and he literally had to fight against stark technology to beat mysterio

  24. Is there one of these for Homecoming with Tony Stark’s 5 minutes of screen time being exaggerated to “iRoN mAn 4: iRoN sPiDeEr bOy!”

  25. Its fair to dislike Holland’s Spidey, but my god, I see way too many people who dislike Holland’s describing it exactly like this.