We don’t need to laugh in every scene

We don’t need to laugh in every scene

We don't need to laugh in every scene

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  1. I’m not bothered by the amount of jokes as much as I am bothered by the amount of jokes that simply *aren’t funny*.

  2. Yeah Ik what u mean

    I think the best example of jokes being good is iron man, it just worked when he did it idk why
    Maybe because it didn’t feel forced?

    But some of these scenes are just too cringe worthy

  3. Im really hoping nwh and the future mcu films tone down the humor a bit. Some of these films could really benefit from having a consistent tone. The tones of the films can get all over the place when they are trying to tell a serious story and the characters are cracking jokes at terrible times or they just aren’t funny

  4. Don’t let this distract you from realizing that Doc Ock’s real name is Otto Octavius. Isn’t that funny guys?

  5. I gotta be the only one that finds the marvel films hilarious because I see this a lot but yeah that Otto Octavias “joke” from the trailer is a stinker… Hopefully there’s a part before or after that makes it a bit funnier

  6. If you hate marvels humor you hate the whole thing why are you even in this sub lol every single movie with very few exceptions cares about humor more then anything else

  7. I think Guardians 1 did it best when it comes to jokes, they are everywhere throughout the movie, but what them work so well is that they never undercut an emotional moment and each Guardian is given their own type of humor which is why each of them standout.