my homie got a fresh fade????????

my homie got a fresh fade????????

my homie got a fresh fade????????

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  1. Okay theory : all these villains aren’t exactly from the timeline you’re expecting they are from different timelines fighting different Spider-Mans and that’s probably why everyone looks different

  2. He subscribed to keeps. And if you want to try out Keeps just use his promo code: Spark to get 15% off

  3. Well considering the fact that the multi erse exists just because the spidermen are there doesent mean that there exact villains came through

  4. Maybe he went into a life of crime, using his new money to get hair plugs or something. Elon musk fixed his shit, so can elonctro musk

  5. Remember in this part of the movie where Spidey makes him lick his gloves so he can smooth his hair back down? Every time I see it, I’m like gross, I wouldn’t want to lick his spider hands, all swinging around all day with his fingers and shit

  6. He did the same thing my cousin did. Went out of country for a hair transplant. Went from balding in his mid 20’s to a full head of hair

  7. This is like one of those weird 4chan things where an incel gets into weightlifting and turns hot