Official shot of [redacted] from Eternals

Official shot of [redacted] from Eternals

Official shot of [redacted] from Eternals

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  1. Y’know, in the current Avengers run by Jason Aaron, the Avengers base is in “Avengers Mountain” which is……. a giant Celestial head stuck in the Earth.

    Could we see the same happen in the MCU?

  2. Would be nice for some stats, such as, is this now the highest peak on the planet? Will it host the 2030 winter Olympics? Is there a nice golf retreat setting up on the hand called La Palm?

  3. I was a little confused by this. Didn’t the movie make it seem like these things are at the planets core? If it was that big and was coming out of the ocean surface, wouldn’t that just rip the planet apart?

  4. The rest of the universe should be *terrified* of us. In the space of about five or six years, Earthlings undid The Snap, killed Thanos & his entire army, and then killed a Celestial. Universe be like 😱

  5. Crazy to think the avengers efforts of protecting earth and Tony’s Sacrifices would have been meaning less if the Eternals didnt switch sides

  6. So the celestial is dead right? Like it’s not gonna wake up if someone lights a fire near it or something

  7. I really want Marvel to not back down and show us the full effects of something like this.

    Both in the world’s geological and climate structure as well as how the humans are handling it.

    I feel that this is almost as big as the snap, but that Marvel won’t treat it as THAT much of a big deal.

  8. This shot was absolutely gorgeous. This whole movie is stunning. I really hope they continue with more distinct style like this film. I hope they just continue doing everything with the Eyetnals, lol. That was probably my favorite Marvel movie in a long time.

  9. I’d really like to see if this qualifies as an Apocalypse under the TVA’s guidelines. Would be a pretty interesting file.

  10. Does the scale seem off to anyone else?

    There’s the problem of the Earth being damaged like others mentioned…but assuming he did fully come out, he seems like way too tiny for that “preview” shot of the destruction earlier in the movie.

  11. I don’t care about the post because I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I really appreciate what you did with the title, taking out the entire spoiler.

  12. Has anybody mapped out exactly where this would be on earth? I can’t remember if they were specific enough in the movie. I’m guessing the Pacific or Indian ocean.

  13. I would love for that area to somehow be connected to like the development of the Savage lands for the mutants

  14. This movie rocks, the MCU has almost always had good art direction but this movie takes it to a whole other level.

    edit: hadn’t realized it, but no pun intended @ “rocks”