Had to share this

Had to share this

Had to share this

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  1. German cinemas and putting out more info than they probably should, name a more iconic duo.

    I’m not even joking, I once was in a cinema where, in the area where you waited in the queue to get tickets and snacks, there was a screen visible that apparently was a CCTV-cam of some of the cinema halls. And it wasn’t even hidden, it was pretty prominent, just a live-view of the movies being shown at the moment and of course, the film I was just about to watch was visible there… luckily in the short time I looked at the screen there were no major spoilers but it still seemed incredibly stupid to me.

    The worst part is that I might have to go to that very cinema to watch NWH…

  2. I’m interested in who else will be in the movie. I mean it was implied that other villains will try to enter this universe at the end of the latest trailer.

  3. >!So they’re going to fight?!< Well, it’s on me… The post was spoiler tagged and I still clicked.

  4. This looks fake as balls mate. Is there a link to the source?

    Found it!: [Ich bin Klaus.](

  5. >Just after getting used to his powers as Spider-Man

    Me after watching him dick on the Black Order and Thanos’ army, and going toe-to-toe with the Avengers as a rookie: