Looks like Electro got his hands on some stark tech..(Cr: themcutimes on IG)

Looks like Electro got his hands on some stark tech..(Cr: themcutimes on IG)

Looks like Electro got his hands on some stark tech..(Cr: themcutimes on IG)

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  1. I’d like to think that he’s still blue, but the arc reactor combined with his power levels everything out and keeps him stable. I also like to think that his blue form was just him having to much unfiltered energy. Recklessly goin everywhere. There is a scene in the trailer where he is producing a bluish light, maybe before he gets the arc reactor? They both emit the same kinda bluish light after all.

  2. I was getting worried that this one will not have a villain that has some relation to Tony Stark.

  3. Kinda reminds me of when vulture tried stealing all the arc reactors during moving day, same ones?

  4. Tom Spidey: (dodging lightning blasts) You ever consider using your power to help people instead of, y’know, zapping me?

    Electro: (coldly) On my world, people treated me like trash before I had power… and then they treated my like a *freak* once I got it. I don’t owe them anything.

    Tom Spidey: Things can be different here if you give it a chance!

    Electro: Like how the public gave you a chance!? You keep playing hero, *boy*, and begging them to love you. The world only respects you when you take what you want.

  5. Another villain that is probably coming from affiliation from Tony.



  6. This is annoying. Obviously not a major thing but not every villain needs stark tech. At this point I seriously think there’s some contract that legally requires stark stuff in these movies lmao

  7. Damn, that new Electro look is just amazing, even if it’s less effective than TASM2 one. Fox is very talented actor and I’m glad that they hired him again, hope he will stay in MCU.

  8. Oh I have an idea now as to how he got his design change. When he transferred universes his electrical charge got depleted and so he took an arc reactor to get consistent charge for his special electricly charged body to use

  9. The spider-man writer got something against Tony.
    “What villain can I create with something Tony did”

  10. So glad to see him get a real chance at this character. He’s a good actor I don’t care what anyone says

  11. So the place where happy is surrounded by cops should be a stark facility. Maybe electro steals it from there

  12. Of course. It’s always Stark tech. I’m getting sick of this. How did they do that? Stark tech. Change it up a bit.

  13. Second villain we see using Stark Tech when it was sworn that wouldn’t be the case. Why is there such an obsession with Iron Man?

  14. I love it. I like how it seems like most of the villains so far have some sort of stark tech

  15. This shit is really pissing me off. Nobody in the MCU spider universe can do anything on their fucking own. Everything is made from Stark technology. Not a single goddamn character can make their own armor or weapons. Not even spider-man.

  16. Ugh! This is one of the things that I don’t like about MCU. So much is Stark related. Especially Spider-Man stuff.

  17. I’m getting real sick of every villain needing some tie in with Stark somehow. Even if it’s just using his tech.

  18. Love the new design but I hate that everything goes back to stark. Dr ock getting better tentacles cause stark nanotech, electro looking better cause stark tech, spiderman using stark tech suit…

    Is a new phase and the multiverse is coming, it should all revolve around Wanda, strange or Loki. It’s time to move on.