I found who punched The Lizard! (MADE BY ME)

I found who punched The Lizard! (MADE BY ME)

I found who punched The Lizard! (MADE BY ME)

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  1. Cena goes for a clothesline on Dock Ock, but Ock sidesteps and Cena hits Ned instead.

    Electro takes advantage of the distressed and distracted Cena, coming up from behind and rolling Cena up for the three count.

    Team Sinister beats Team Cena. According to the match stipulation, Tom Holland must now leave the MCU and be permanently drafted to Sony.

  2. I’m calling it, i think there are 3 different spidermans in this movie, and all of them are different versions interpreted by Tom Holland

  3. If you look at his Instagram he has a post saying it was me who punched the lizard with him in a Andrew suit and the peacemaker helmet

  4. The Lizard looks like he has one of those faces that you see on cats or fish with human like faces. It’s very unsettling. Not in a scary T-Rex or Velicoraptor vicious monster type of way. More like a tragic human animal hybrid genetic experiment way.

  5. What? I can’t see the person that punched the Lizard. There’s only Lizard doing a pose on the screen