Unconfirmed MCU characters I most wanna see. What are yours?

Unconfirmed MCU characters I most wanna see. What are yours?

Unconfirmed MCU characters I most wanna see. What are yours?

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  1. Doom. Not a wealthy industrialist exposed to cosmic dust, not a researcher trapped in another dimension, but Victor Von Doom. Dictator, scientist, magician. All the crazy.

  2. Nova for me.

    I’m still genuinely surprised there’s been no official word on a Nova project.

    We’ve heard so many stories of them initially having him in scripts such as Infinity War and the first Gaurdians movie. The Nova Corps have been around since 2014. Thanos destroying Xander.

    I’m just surprised they’re not moving on him. I thought for sure coming out of phase 3, Nova would be arriving in the MCU sooner rather than later.

  3. Outside of Ghost Rider & Nova who are on here, Scorpion.

    I mean, we did get Mac Gargan in Homecoming, but he still hasn’t become Scorpion, & with Michael Mando playing him, I know he can bring out Scorpion’s psychotic side. Anyone who has played Far Cry 3 knows this.

  4. cyclops, in my opinion he was one of the most done dirtiest in the Fox movies. He is suppose to be the Captain America of the X-men, the leader who the team looks to for leadership. I hope the MCU does him right this time

  5. Nova and Doom the most then Ghost Rider and Silver Surfur. Nova has been on the bench too long. With how Xandar got annihilated his story is easiest and could be the most emotional movie with G2.

  6. I just want Jubilee not to be relegated as a cameo. Poor girl has been butchered really bad in all her movie outings.

  7. Considering how expansive and extreme their going for with these movies, like universe-ending threat in Shang-Chi, or the world-ending threat in Eternals, I wouldn’t put it past them to do Galactus off the bat with the first Fantastic Four movie. Would really bring the fright when Arishem pops up in the sky again.

  8. I gotta say, I’m curious how MCU is going to handle Beta Ray Bill. Dude has a horse face, and has a regular name “Bill”.

    Bill. Freaking “Bill”. Whose his brother? Alpha Ray Dave?

    I can’t see MCU taking this guy seriously, I bet he’ll be another Korg or Meek. A serious comic character that has tragic story, but turned into a comic relief with a weird accent when he enters the big screen.

  9. There are too many. And it’s more than just characters. Its things and places as well. Heres my list.

    Characters- Wrecking Crew. Doom. Serpent Society. Dracula. Heralds of Galactus. Super Skrull. Beta Ray Bill (his statue doesnt count)

    Places- Savage Land. Attilan

    Things- Infinity Serum. Ultimate Nullifier

  10. Night crawler, Gambit, really excited to see how the X-men will be under the MCU umbrella and the fantastic 4.

  11. Man-Thing.

    So far we’ve had Ellen Brandt in Iron Man 3, a small mention in Agents of Shield and that big statue head on Sakaar.

    Steve Gerbers run on the comic will forever be my favourite when it comes to american comics.

  12. Doom along with Kang are the only villains I can see being the next big bad of the MCU. Sooo much potential