A common complaint about the MCU Spider-Man is that Tony created his iconic red and blue suit. How would you feel if Freshman Year did this?

A common complaint about the MCU Spider-Man is that Tony created his iconic red and blue suit. How would you feel if Freshman Year did this?

A common complaint about the MCU Spider-Man is that Tony created his iconic red and blue suit. How would you feel if Freshman Year did this?

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  1. I think they should just keep it at the homemade suit. Anything more would break the suit lineage

    And it’s not at all a problem. The only difference between comic Peter suit and the Homemade suit is the quality of the fabric. Peter made the webs himself, made the shooters himself, came up with the method to focus his vision himself. The only thing he’s missing is some experience making clothes.

  2. I’d be indifferent. If not, would that mean Tony is Spider-Man? Everything Peter stands for makes him Spider-Man, he can be in whatever set of clothes.

  3. Honestly, the sweatshirt suit is a lot more realistic of what a high school student could come up with on his own. He’s a superhuman, not a fashion designer.

  4. The person complaining says Tony did everything, including the red and blue layout, the webbing, the lenses, and the black logo.

    But you can clearly see the red and blue layout is the same as the one Peter made; the logo is basically the same, and the lenses are basically the same. The only thing Tony did was make the suit form fitting and add the webbing.

    This is an incredibly stupid complaint.

    EDIT: Because some people keep misunderstanding OP’s complaint and my response, let me clarify. They were complaining that Tony came up with the aesthetic look of Spider-Man, including the red and blue color scheme, the web design on the suit, the look of the eyes, and the black spider logo. I am specifically saying *that* is a stupid complaint because the homemade suit is basically the same as the suit Tony makes except for the addition of the web design and the costume being more form fitting. It’s particularly stupid when they attribute the black logo to Tony and yet you can clearly see it on Peter’s homemade suit in their post. OP wasn’t talking about all the tech Tony put into the suit and I’m not talking about that either.

  5. Is this really a common complaint? How does this take away anything from who Spider-Man is narratively. He did design a very, very similar suit too, like what the hell people?

  6. Tony also designed other Avengers clothes and techs. I don’t know why this isn’t a big problem.

  7. Why does it even matter? Peter made the webs and the web shooters. He didn’t have millions of dollars to make a skin tight magnetic suit. Peter chose the colors and the emblem and everything. It just wasn’t skin tight. Why does everything have to be something to complain about

  8. I never believed Tobey Peter could make such a suit in the early 2000’s, especially when he was so broke. I remember Alex Ross had the same complaint when he worked on the second movie’s intro. I did like that they at least showed him designing it. (Also that silver raised webbing is super impractical if I had to be a real dweeb about it, just look at any of the surviving Raimi suits, they have not aged well.)

    Andrew’s proto-suit is more believable and in the modern day and age of ordering whatever from anywhere, his first official suit, while ugly af, I can believe a highschooler designed it. His second more comic-book accurate suit iirc was designed by Gwen Stacy in a tie-in comic to TASM2, so yeah he kinda made his own suit, but Gwen Stacy perfected it.

    Tom’s Proto-suit incorporates the traditional red and blue, the webbing pattern in his gloves, the spider emblem, his own web-shooters and the moving lenses in his “goggles”. One could argue that Tom-Peter laid out the ground work and Stark just took it from there. I do wish the proto-suit looked more traditional but it is technically a Spidey suit that looks more like a 15 year old highschooler would design and wear. To me it doesn’t really make a difference if they show that in Freshman year

    Honestly I just hope that after NWH Tom’s Peter goes back to the classic red and blue with less “bells and whistles” attached to the suit. No AI, no Stark-tech, no spider-armor of any sort. He’s smart but he’s not wealthy enough to maintain and create such suits.

  9. As a heavy critic of MCU Spider-Man, this isn’t something that I take issue with. Peter shouldn’t expected to be a professional artist as well as a tech expert. I’m happy with what we got.

    The only thing I don’t like is how he designed his latest suit in one of Stark’s jets.

  10. What a silly thing to be upset about and/or retcon. We don’t need screen time devoted to this sort of thing.

  11. As a comic book that has multiple universes no one can complain about anything surely because after all that’s what happened in this universe.

  12. I don’t understand this

    Why exactly do people want and expect a high school kid on a shoestring budget to be able to put together a highly detailed and complex suit on his own?

  13. I’ve never heard anyone complain about this but its easy to say thats how Tony did it. It makes sense. Why else would he make it those colors in the first place?

  14. Just goes to show that people fill in the blanks to their own desires. I was under the assumption that Peter had a hand in the design scenario and told Tony what he envisioned the perfect suit to look like

  15. I’m new to the mcu and superheroes in general but why would it matter if he didn’t make the suit himself? Steve Rogers didn’t produce the super serum, and the Falcon didn’t design his wings.

  16. I was fine with Tony making the suit. At the time I thought it was a perfect mix of adapting the Civil War comic book (with Tony giving him the Iron Spider once he joins his side), and introduction. Where Iron Spider as his first suit would be ridiculous and too early, so they made it his classic suit as a compromise. My issue was that his first suit made by Stark was loaded with tech and AI

    But if they retconned it in the animated series so that MCU Spidey designed it on paper but couldn’t build it himself, I’d be more than OK with that too. It wouldn’t fix anything but it would be a great detail

  17. IMO, Tony making his suit makes the most logical sense. It honestly seemed strange in all other iterations Peter created the suits. For whatever reason, I had a hard time believing he was an exceptional seamstress in his downtime and somehow got access to exceptional hardware. I will say though the technological leap he makes between the homemade suit and stark suit is a bit much.

    All things considered, this iteration of his suit creation is way easier to wrap my head around.

  18. It sure as hell is more realistic for Peter Parker, a fucking teenager to come up with THAT homemade suit rather than Tobey knitting the perfection out of his perfect suit. I don’t know. This really is the biggest of nitpicks.

  19. TBF we don’t know for certain that Pete wasn’t there to at least give input and may’ve corrected things to make the Spider-Man suit we all saw in Civil War.

  20. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t freshman year suppose to be before Peter meets tony? So he’d be in his homemade suit the whole time right?

  21. Umm he’s dirt poor and makes computers out of old dvd players. I don’t think he does much sewing.

  22. I just realised
    Spider wouldn’t have a proper suit in the animated show
    Only that homemade one

  23. Didn’t he make his own suit against Mysterio? So he knew how to make it before or he was just missing more technology. Why are people complaining about this?

  24. Honestly, I’m fine with everything as is, Peter finding his way in the MCU, Pete’s original suit adding to the levity of Freshman Year, etc.

  25. It’d be fun show a scene where Peter rough sketch his ideal suit. But I don’t think he should be depicted as a superb artist. I mean it’s fine if they would, but must he also good at drawing and costume designing during freshman year?