It’s seems to cool to hate The MCU nowadays for some people

It’s seems to cool to hate The MCU nowadays for some people

It’s seems to cool to hate The MCU nowadays for some people

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  1. MCU critics: All these movies feel and look the same, kungfu to cgi battle boooooo be unique boo.

    Same critics after first 3 episodes of Wandavision: wHErEs dA acTIOn?!?!

  2. I mean it’s a natural adjustment from enjoying the peaks of characters we’ve grown attached to. Shang Chi was fantastic, but eternals was full of characters I really couldn’t care less about (besides the black Knight – I’m intrigued). Black widow I’ve seen the most out of those and every rewatch I liked it less lol, mainly because of how dirty they did taskmaster tho (plus it being very formulaic generally). Tv shows have been mostly good though and I think No Way Home including characters we love and are attached to already will set things back on track a lot.

  3. True though and I honestly can’t understand the hate. They are back to phase 1 basically introducing new characters and building up their characters people need to move on but they are still stuck at endgame.

  4. I really haven’t enjoyed the TV series, but have loved Black Widow and Shang Chi. I think it’s as simple as I enjoy a full length movie over weekly eps

  5. This kinda happend after avengers 1 the amazing game changeing movie was followed by iron 3 and thor the dark world and they were hated immediately

  6. Yeah you guys use to find it cool to hate DC films. Now Chloe Zhao tried to make one and failed and rest is in front of your eyes.

  7. No bro,I still love MCU,I havent saw WandaVision,Black Widow and Eternals,but Shang Chi is enough to be th best MCU movie this year if NWH failed