As of now, do you think the Wolverine is as popular as he was 30-25 years ago?

As of now, do you think the Wolverine is as popular as he was 30-25 years ago?

As of now, do you think the Wolverine is as popular as he was 30-25 years ago?

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  1. I think the X-Men are less popular than years ago, because the Avengers have taken the limelight. I feel Wolverine is the most iconic of the X-Men, and that includes Professor Xavier himself.

  2. I think he’s pretty popular still, especially with the masterpiece that was Logan, but I will say that aside from the comics, he’s fallen off a tiny bit. Won’t last long though, cause he’s getting a game made by the same people who made spider man ps4

  3. Eh maybe I think Wolverine has stayed consistently popular while all other X Men have sort of been swept aside

  4. He is gonna be super popular in the next 5 years or so, with the Wolverine video game coming out alongside his MCU debut

  5. Probably dropped a little in popularity with modern fans because he hasn’t been as much anymore.

  6. Hugh Jackman did something unmeasurable to make the character go beyond the fandom and make it a major player in the biggest stage – mainstream entertainment.

    I know, a lot of us who followed Wolvie from back in the day, were hesitant or worse when Hugh was announced. He was too tall, too handsome, too Australian. Too whatever, we didn’t like him all that much. For some people, even his great performance is still a problem to them – some people don’t adapt all that well. Nothing to be done. People will feel how they’re going to feel.

    But in the 1970s and 80s, Wolverine, Daredevil and Captain America were characters I loved and admired. Later on, I met a woman and married her. We have a 16 year-old daughter now. I don’t really read comics so much any more, but I love all the movies. Even the shitty DCU ones. Even indy super stuff. I love the genre so much I have a hard time expressing myself. Shit, I wrote 4 superhero (really villain) books and made a little bit of money on them.

    Something happened because of Hugh, Charlie and Chris. My wife loves X-men. She didn’t know shit about all that stuff before we met. She hadn’t really seen Star Wars or any of that stuff I grew up with. But now they’re her favorite movies. Chris Evans is her favorite, but Hugh is close behind, as are Ryan Reynolds and Charlie Cox. When the next Daredevil series comes out (if the rumors are true), she’ll watch it with me. She’ll be eager to see it – we’ll make plans, and have a special meal. It’ll be awesome.

    And more importantly, my daughter loves the stuff. She’s 16, knee-deep in a tough Junior year, but right now all we talk about is The Eternals (and next-year’s Obi-Wan series). You know how important Ewan has been in getting kids to like Star Wars? We wouldn’t have the Mandalorian without him, and we wouldn’t have the upcoming Venom 2 and the Hawkeye series and everything that’s to follow without Hugh and all he did to make it possible.

    You can feel however you want about Hugh, and harp on the inaccuracies. That’s your prerogative. For my part, there’s superhero moves every couple of months for me to see. TV is replete with the genres I grew up with. In my childhood, there were few, if any. We’re living in the mecca of this genre, with some of the finest entertainment available to man, with big budgets, big actors, bringing to the theater and the couch fans that would never have cared. I think Hugh Jackman is a large part of why were here.

    Thanks, mate.

  7. Its hard to read an X-Men comic these days without catching wolverine in it somewhere at some point. He makes an appearance in many of the dawn of X books at some point. So I’d say he’s a pretty popular dude currently.

  8. more so than that long ago, i’m sure. multiple solo films plus appearances/lead roles in many others. F the comic scene, wolvie is far more well known for these on screen performances now

  9. I still think he’s as popular as I remember when I was in grade school back in the early 90s.

  10. I prefer the X-Men generally to the Avengers because the X-Men have a mutation, but it’s not necessarily useful. The Avengers are designed as characters to be heroes, so you wouldn’t give one of them [feathers and a beak]( unless it helped him fly, for instance.

  11. Wolverine is quite literally the most popular mutant Marvel character. Even people who don’t read comics or watch comic based movies or shows know who Wolverine is and could pick him out of one of those group photo posters. Its like almost every single person on earth could tell you about Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

  12. in media x-men have died down of their popularity. it’s all avengers in other folks but when they announce x-men it’s over for everyone else.

  13. Probably more. Hugh Jackman immortalized Wolverine in pop culture and the recent Marvel craze has only made him more talked about.

  14. Wolverine’s popularity grew through the 80’s and peaked in the 90’s. Could probably say that about all the X-Men really.

    He’s always been popular, but no, I would say he’s not as popular as he used to be.

  15. I think Wolverine is still quite popular considering he’s getting his own game, has been in many films, many cartoons and comics. So I think Wolverine is quite iconic.

  16. I think he’s still in the top ten most popular marvel characters but I don’t think he’s top three like he was pre mcu

  17. I’m not a huge comic book reader but I heard that Spider-Man and X-men comics are the most popular among marvel

  18. Definitely not, but when he gets introduced into the MCU and his solo PS4 game comes out I think he’ll get really popular again.

  19. Well, he still appears on a lot of merch so he must be doing okay. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t as popular with younger fans who may not have had much exposure to him.