correct me if im wrong but the best thing about the amazing Spider-Man is the soundtrack

correct me if im wrong but the best thing about the amazing Spider-Man is the soundtrack

correct me if im wrong but the best thing about the amazing Spider-Man is the soundtrack

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  1. Best thing about the amazing spiderman is spiderman scenes(mainly swinging). I think they executed that shit perfectly it feels real.

  2. Also the romance. It was more well written and developed that both other versions of Spider Man movies.

  3. That and the acting, Tobey Maguire is really annoying as Spider-Man. I haven’t seen him in anything else though so I can’t really speak to him as an actor in general.

  4. I do not agree. I recently watched Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman 1, and Toby is just so boring and uninteresting. Andrew Garfield plays it so much better. The romance is alot better too and doesnt feel as cringey as it does in the Original Spiderman. The orginal triology definitley got the better Villains but as far as the movies go. Amazing Spiderman is better

  5. The suit in my opinion looks better in amazing Spider-Man then Rami Spider-Man. I didn’t really like the grey web design on the suit

  6. Amazing Spider-Man 2 stands out to me for having one of the best film costumes and some of the best web-slinging.

  7. This is in no offense to anyone who likes the TASM movies but why is everyone suddenly acting like they’re good? you say that 5 years ago people would laugh at you.

    The movies, for one, don’t understand Spider-Man, instead of being a “fun neighbourhood spider man” he’s a funny douchebag whose soul motive was revenge and making fun of criminals.

    Peter parker is not relatable, at all. What makes Toby’s, and even toms, so good is that they are relatable people with relatable problems. Andrews is a cool, handsome skater kid.

    The “parents plotline” is super unnecessary and boring. Enough said about that TBH.

    The acting, its not particularly bad (although there are some parts which are, Andrews accent and the green goblin for starters) I feel is definitely overrated, go and watch a scene with Gwen and Peter and tell me it isn’t awkward, and not in a fun or realistic way but a feeling like they haven’t been given a script.

    There are many of other problems (boring villains, Peter and Harrys friendship etc) which I wont go too deep into.

    what are your thoughts about this?

  8. Imo the best thing about TASM is Spider-Man’s costume. It’s the best out of the 3 Spider-Men

  9. For me

    Best spider-man(the suit and the fighting abilities) = Tom holland

    Best Peter parker = Tobey Maguire

    Best combination of both = Andrew Garfield

  10. for me the best thing about the amazing Spider-Man was Spider-Man himself. i think out of the context of the movie, Garfield’s Spider-Man was the best pure Spider-Man we got in all the movies. particularly in the first one from when he finds the car thief to when he escapes from the cops by swinging under the railway or whatever. it felt more genuinely like Spider-Man than anything else i have seen in live action. that scene captured every major aspect even how he can be kind of scary. and the lankier look felt more right to me compared to Tobey Maguire’s shorter more muscular Spider-Man

  11. You cant deny that andrew is an oscar nominee, like really good actor,.just watch his oscar worthy movies like hackshaw ridge and stuff like that

  12. Agreed. That dubstep shit in TASM2 was fucking wild. I didn’t even know it was Hans Zimmer but I was like wow this shit is dope. Then I look up the OST and am like ohhhh no wonder

  13. The amazing Spider-Man also has by far the best fight sequences and swinging in any Spider-Man film

  14. The Amazing Spider Man is great and gets shut on because of the awful sequel. Change my mind.

  15. The raimi movies perfected the peter character and mark webb ones perfected spidermans witty personality. Mcu is kinda a mix of that but not as great at either (yet) but also shows peters growing into the perfect spiderman gradually which still is yet to complete