What the shit???

What the shit???

What the shit???

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  1. This movie was far better than I expected, in Aus it felt like it went moslty unnoticed which is a huge shame.

  2. I got asked by IT at work if I’d been to the US. I was sat on the sofa one evening watching a show not available in my country on Chromecast. I started thinking about a work thing and wanted to check something in my emails, and instead of getting up and going to the other room to get my work laptop I just went to the browser version on my personal one. So I spent the day working in the UK, checked my emails in the US in the evening, and was back at work in the UK the next morning, which raised a flag without me even realising what I’d done. Luckily the IT guy was like “Netflix? Yeah fine, just checking”.

  3. Oh my goodness. I finally watched this movie last night and I absolutely loved this scene lol.

  4. Can I just say I love how people can’t appreciate a funny meme for what it is (a funny meme), and just *have* to say stuff like that the FBI agent wouldn’t be wondering that because *blah blah blah.* It’s like, it’s a *joke.* It’s a joke that’s not meant to be taken seriously and does not need to be accurate to be funny. :/

  5. Idk how anyone can defend this film. It was fucking horrible. The action scenes, the awkward rom-com. The shitty special effects and the entirely wrong way the video games work. It’s like they were plugged in to the matrix but we’re playing on shitty laptops. Not to mention all the plot holes. Fuck man… what a let down of a movie

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