It’s pretty funny when that happens

It’s pretty funny when that happens

It's pretty funny when that happens

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  1. I will never understand the people who scour the web looking for leaks, hints, secret photos, and entire scripts for upcoming films they want to see. Despite my best efforts, 2/3rds of NWH has already been ruined for me. How is it fun to sit down opening night and already know all the plot twists and surprises? I don’t get it. Christ I miss the 90s.

  2. that’s not very relevant but a few minutes after I watched Venom 2 I saw a YouTube notification on my phone for a video about the mid-credit scene so YouTube almost spoiled the mid-credit scene for me

    btw, if you didn’t watch the movie yet, don’t wait for an end-credit scene, there’s only a mid-credit scene