Sometimes I can’t help myself XD

Sometimes I can’t help myself XD

Sometimes I can't help myself XD

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  1. I hate being early to the comment sections smh I have nothing to read while I shit

  2. It’s complety besides the point of your post, but I’d just like to express that I’m a nerd who disliked Loki, and the way that the show managed the infinity stones was perfect imo. One of the best parts of the show.

    Anyway, cool meme, have a great day

  3. I get that the TVA negates magic and thus making infinity stones useless.

    The part that bothered me was how weak loki appeared to be in the TVA. Him not being able to use magic is ok but he is still asgardian, he should be way stronger than ordinary humans from earth working there. Some species are stronger than others and strength has nothing to do with magic and the TVA rules. Him being constantly pushed around really didn’t feel right.

  4. The TVA exists outside of the boundaries that the stones can manipulate…thats literally why we can see the unified timeline fracturing and growing into wild directional tangents when Sylvie killed Kang.

    Say what you will about Loki but the logic of the stones track.

  5. The infinity stones get there power from bending and controlling causality which requires time to function when you are outside of time (like the TVA) they mean nothing.

  6. Someone explain why Dormamu wouldn’t consume Ultrons universe after he leaves it taking all the stones? Wouldn’t he just take it real quickV

  7. Ultron’s half-assed use of the stones was explained by a friend. It’s that Ultron is a dumb, uncreative robot. He’s (its?) still a machine running on instruction sets. Even finding the watcher is sensible because it’s a logical conclusion that the universe is subject to causality, which requires the universe to exist something and because of something. But there’s no logic that automatically bestows the best use of stones, even the snap. Why would Ultron even know the snap os a thing and why all stones are necessary?

  8. Loki is my favourite MCU character and I thought the show was trash 🤷‍♂️. I thought the dialogue and action scenes were awful but most of all, I hated how they turned him into just some fool in love. They’ve taken away everything that made the character interesting and entertaining.

  9. I hated both Loki and What If. Not just because of the stones though, just thought they were bad shows.

  10. The Plot of What If doesnt even makes sense because Infinity Stones are useless outside of their own universee.

  11. Now I’m mad because we never got to see the full potential of the infinity stones in live action

  12. I don’t get why people say that anyways. They’re only useless in the TVA. They’re still ridiculously powerful normally.

  13. This blew up so big I can’t believe it! Clearly my glorious purpose isn’t to make video essays but memes lol XD.

    Thank you all:)

  14. Amazon is worth about 2 trillion dollars and Jeff Bezos would be about 160 billion, it still doesnt mean, if someone gave me 10k, id be like this is garbage.