its more toxic then the star wars community!

its more toxic then the star wars community!

its more toxic then the star wars community!

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  1. Raimimemes isn’t really that bad. It’s just a vocal minority.

    Now Spider-Man pages on Instagram on the other hand…

  2. I’m not saying you’re wrong I’m just saying you underestimate the Star Wars community’s toxicity

  3. It’s not tho? I’ve been following that sub for a very long time and it’s pretty rare to see hate on Holland or even Andrews. At most you see jokes about how Tobey is the best but that’s it.

    Also while it might exists it’s so minor that you’d definitely wouldn’t see it by just “checking” the sub

  4. Yeah there’s some mcu/Holland hate, but that’s a minority in posts. Most of it is just dumb jokes about emo maguire, or people showing off old merch from the trilogy.

    They got assholes being assholes like any subreddit, but it’s nowhere near as bad as sequel haters

  5. Where did you get this information? I checked some of the hot and top posts of that subreddit and I didn’t see a single toxic thing

  6. Raimi cultists can be quite toxic on twitter, granted, everyone there is, but no, the Star Wars community especially prequelmemes are the new Chernobyl, another quite toxic community is Pokémon

  7. I don’t know about the subreddit (probably ’cause I’m not a Raimi trilogy fan) but yeah, they can get pretty toxic and annoying

  8. Im just gonna say it and hope everyone sees it. Clearly i made a mistake i dont know why but ive seen alot of the toxic stuff whether it be post or comments or maybe im exagarating idk. I get it every sub reddit has a toxic side im sorry.

  9. Even though the comments disagree with you, I agree. I really like the OG films so I joined because the memes are funny! But I also really like Tom Holland and his movies, and at the time I joined the sub, I saw way too many people dunking on Tom Holland and being straight up mean for no reason so I left.

  10. The raimimemes sub is actually pretty chill, there’s like 1 or 2 comments shitting on other Spider-Men, but they usually get downvoted anyway. If you want real toxicity go to youtube’s comments, you have Tom worshippers who say he’s the most accurate and everything else sucks, or Tobey shills sucking the dirt off his dick.

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