Chill, guys.

Chill, guys.

Chill, guys.

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  1. Okay so the only show I can find through googling that has been “greenlit for three more seasons” is Loki. I cannot find any of the villains of that show retiring. Gugu Mbatha-Raw didn’t retire and is going to be in the next season. Jonathan Majors definitely isn’t retired and is going to be playing all of the Kang variants in the upcoming MCU phase.

    So I have literally no idea what you’re talking about (if you’re talking about Loki, because again I cannot find any Marvel shows that have been renewed for 3 seasons).

    Edit: apparently Locke & Key has also been renewed for *two* more seasons but is waiting to get funding from Netflix. The main villain actress of that show, Laysla De Oliveira, is also not retiring. I still have no idea who the subject of this meme is.