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  1. I was really surprised by how good it was. The characters are all done justice, the team’s roster keeps changing like in the comics, and the characters actually learn things and change and have satisfying arcs. Shame it didn’t last longer.

  2. It was a great show. Easily one of the best superhero cartoons. And they replaced it with Avengers Assemble just for consistent branding with the MCU. One of the series creators recently gave the [episode summaries]( for season 3, so at least we know what would have been.

  3. I’m currently watching it. What are other suggestion of good animated marvel shows in Disney+? I wanted to watch Spectacular Spiderman, but they don’t have it, at least in my country.

  4. Wait what was the cliffhanger? I thought the last episode was >!the team successfully defeating Galactus and being hailed as heroes!<.

  5. I know this is marvel but… have you watched all of teen titans? But like the original cartoon? It made me sad