Why Ultron could do what he did

Why Ultron could do what he did

Why Ultron could do what he did

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  1. Vision: tries to protect Wanda, the planet, the people, and just wants to make logical sense of the world.

    Ultron: everything dies, and I will prove it.

  2. Huh. I just assumed Ultron, being single-minded in wanting to kill every last living thing in existence, prioritized having a powerful laser more than Tony and Bruce, who had good reason to not put absolute faith in their robot after the last one backfired.

  3. Can we just stop pretending Vision in the movies was even remotely capable of this? It was a creative decision to keep the runtime in a nice 30m package.

  4. Actually Ultron shouldn’t be able to do that , the power stone alone should make it impossible to do that let alone all the stones par 1 , this is an example of PLOT needing to happen and logic bending backwards for it