Her Character is Literally one of the most smartest scientist in the MCU.

Her Character is Literally one of the most smartest scientist in the MCU.

Her Character is Literally one of the most smartest scientist in the MCU.

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  1. People here making the same comment over and over: “hUrR dUrR tHeYrE nOt ThEiR cHaRaCtEr!” Like yeah, no shit they’re not. RDJ isn’t a tech genius, Chris Hemsworth isn’t a god, and Tom Holland isn’t a web swinging teenager. We get it. The problem with people like Latita promoting their horrible view points is that people look up to them and the characters they represent. If Chris Evans suddenly started expressing Neo Nazi ideology it would be especially dangerous because of how many people look up to him as Captain America. That’s the problem here and that’s what people should be focusing on.

  2. People aren’t understanding what this means especially for marvel fans. Guess what happens when COVID gets onto the set of a marvel movie? It spreads to crucial characters that are CONFIRMED to be in the movie. This delays literally any new movie for maybe over a year.

    People like this are the reason COVID is still rampant in America. They refuse to get “cOnTrOlLeD bY tHe GoVeRnMeNt” and think they’re so special they’re too good to keep people safe. This is not a smart move.

  3. It’s almost as if… I don’t know… actors are not their characters, and should not be associated with the traits of characters they play because it is fiction…

    This is like being surprised Tom Hiddleston isn’t a power-hungry megalomaniac because he plays Loki. 🙄

  4. Honestly i dont give a fuck what she said or is saying. Her opinion doesnt matter to me i just wanna watch marvel movies lmfao

  5. Not gonna lie, I hated her character in BP… She was rude, arrogant and generally unlikeable.

    On the other hand I’ve got no issue with her as an actress and she’s free to have her own opinions and views on things, so what’s the problem?

  6. I hope people just leave her alone. I’m so tired of people being fired for their hot takes and bad jokes. I disagree with her, but fuck, people should be free to think.