God i love Yoga 😂❤️

God i love Yoga 😂❤️

God i love Yoga 😂❤️

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  1. This place has to be insanely hard to get into. It’ll probably make Harvard look like ur hometown’s community college

  2. I can see Scott Lang doing more vocational training/ trade skills and Strange doing health/anatomy

  3. loki should be acting and magic as he is one of the best actors on universe and dr strange can be in biology and hawkeye can be pt teacher

  4. Thor is actually pretty smart, we see him in Ragnarok talking about the devil’s anus on par with Banner. I think compared to a human his knowledge is up there.

  5. Man, I dunno about Thor teaching Geography. He’s from another planet, so he doesn’t have our history background.

  6. What exactly can Steve Rogers teach about history? He is WWII veteran and has no noticable knowledge about anything history related. So he would just teach students about a world war he didn’t even know the result of?

    I think he would be way beter at teaching gym class or sports. The man is a walking motivation machine.

  7. Just because T’challa is from a different culture that would make him the culture expert? If anything, the intensely closed border culture of Wakanda would have the opposite effect.

  8. Excuse me i do not think yoga with black widow would be fun. She would probably be super harsh and it wouldn’t be no gentle yoga that’s for sure

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