You’re Hired!

You’re Hired!

You’re Hired!

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  1. I realize different, but DC did this with powerless or pretty close and it didn’t do well

  2. It wasn’t a comedy but wasn’t this done in the comics? Thought it was called “Frontline” or something

  3. Hell I would even take an anthology thing where every episode explores a different, less fantastical part of the universe. Like BJ Novak’s “the premise” on fx.

    -The daily bugle

    -Damage control

    -Fitz-Simmons at home

    -The trials and tribulations of the shawarma restaurant from Avengers

    -Chris O’Dowd finding that every woman he goes on a date with ends up being obsessed with thor.

    -AIM agents who rent a cabin in the mountains for a group getaway
    – The retirement party for ab NYPD captain wherein he recounts various arrests that were thwarted when spidey, strange, daredevil, luke cage or somebody swooped in (but ends on a success story of putting the rhino or somebody in jail on his last day)

    -The juggernaut in therapy

    -ben urich takes a spa day
    – Jennifer Walters’ law school rival struggles to get out of her shadow (but goes on a blind date with chris O’Dowd at the end)

  4. That could work. Warner brothers tried a sitcom called Powerless that had potential but they didn’t market well, plus bad timing.

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