spoiler for what if ep 9

spoiler for what if ep 9

spoiler for what if ep 9

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    He only >!took Killmonger to save his Earth of becoming a fascist dystopia; also The Watcher count that he would betray the team, take the stones for himself but this would make him a bait if Ultron survived and then capture both; I think that was the plan B after all… remember that Uatu have the ability to see future possibilities in a time line. !<

  2. It’s literally part of the plan for him to betray them. He knew that the Zola AI would attempt to get the stones once he killed ultron. Thus he needed someone else who would attempt to take the stones for themselves. They would both attempt to bring the stones to themselves which would force the stones out of any one’s possession and caught between two people trying to force the stones towards them. This would then mean they can’t be used and both Zola and killmonger would be distracted This would then mean that doctor strange could trap them for eternity along with the stones. It’s a complex plan but it worked. It also removes killmonger from his universe which is likely a good thing.