Well, He should have STFU !

Well, He should have STFU !

Well, He should have STFU !

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  1. As news Rockstars theory stated .

    I think it’s the watchers role/ability/nature that he narrates stuff . When he says the line” he became aware of another . He became aware of the” and stops suddenly realising that he is talking about himself proves the theory

  2. I think he would still detect him, with his vast power it was only a matter of time. Awesome meme! 🤣

  3. He already knew that some beings could feel his presence, and even communicate with him, he was just surprised that Ultron with the infinity stones could go in other universes

  4. TVA AGENT: UATU, alias The Watcher, you’re under arrest for breaching the STL.

    Uatu: wait what? Why? I didn’t do or said anything…

    TVA agent: Exactly…

  5. Imagine if the Watcher narrating to the audience was just a universe where he did that, and there are many other universes where The Watcher maybe stopped talking, or maybe he interfered with the multiverse.

  6. Maybe that’s like his job, like “Alright, what universe am I watching today. Ah, this one! Ultron became aware of the w-hat the hell?!”