Is this good? How do you compare this to Crazy Demon?

Is this good? How do you compare this to Crazy Demon?

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  1. It ain’t even close. MC has no emotion or personality. He’s just op and they don’t elaborate why which makes the OP-ness boring since we never see the MC earn it. Crazy demon doesn’t really explain the OP-ness either, but it’s a fault done on purpose to help play into the humour of the story, something this manhwa lacks entirely.

  2. I like this one much more than crazy demon. I actually dropped crazy demon a few times, but came back because I liked this one.

    Crazy demon feels more like a murim slice of life where the mc makes decisions on things such as to kill or not to kill, base on spur of the moment decisions. Mc doesn’t seem to put much thought into his decisions, things seem to work out as of now simply because he is strong. I don’t find it’s humor that funny. Storyline doesn’t seem to have much of a direction. There is little to no set up to anticipate anything in the future of the story. It seems as if he wants revenge, but his actions and decisions weren’t very focus, so the story then feels pulled in different directions, feeling like slice of life.

    Night consume by blade’s mc has a clear goal, which is to find the surviving members of the sword dancing troupe. There is set up to anticipate a reunion in the future. How would the author go about reuniting long lost friends/family members. All his actions further his goal. There isn’t much humor. If anything the humor is dark humor and subtle. MC is ruthless and cold towards his enemies, but warm and caring towards the people he cares about(food shop guy). He is also portrayed as intelligent and cunning in a way that is believable.

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