is it good?

is it good?

is it good?

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  1. This was my first manhwa before I even knew what a manhwa was. It has good fights but it all escalates really quickly and branches out over 3 different series with the newest one coming out in the last year after a long hiatus.

  2. oh god whenever people talked bout breaker, i always thought, it was the manga breaker as it was really good too but didnt know it was the manhwa breaker

    edit: wait a goddamn second, is this the same?? the description sounds the exactly same as the manga breaker, whats goin on, am i stupid

  3. Is it good? 💀 You’re missing a whole lot.
    Yep pretty good, Its a murim manhwa, also has a lot of seasons

  4. Amazing story and art. I would really recommend you to not read part 3 (ongoing season) yet even after you finish The breaker (part 1) and The breaker New waves (part 2)

  5. If you like modern martial arts it’s one of the best.

    I personally prefer the sequel, just on plot/art alone