The anatomy of a cold Duke male lead

The anatomy of a cold Duke male lead

The anatomy of a cold Duke male lead

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  1. Add Geographically questionable choice to maintain a clean shave all the time. Better yet the absolute lack of any facial hair growth.

    In the cold regions men like to grow out and maintain a beard because, well, it’s cold and it’s a hassle to shave everyday. Facial hair grows fast.

    But the cold Duke of the north? Doesn’t matter if there’s a war or a beast hunt that takes weeks if not months. That face will remain clean and smooth.

  2. Post this onto r/otomeisekai. We’ll all appreciate it, especially since we joke about these mls all the time.

    We need more Luke Oscars, who can’t express their feelings but do it in a funny, more realistic way. He just jokes around and helps Aerinda fuck over her ex-fiancée, and I love him so much.

  3. I don’t know who made this but I got this image from

  4. Umm… that particular drawing has anatomically correct-sized neck.

    Anime/manhwa proportions just draw everyone painfully slender