Operation Strix with a twist

Operation Strix with a twist

Operation Strix with a twist

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  1. I doubt Twilight would even realize, he’s so deep in the indenial pit, I feel like Handler would be the one reading the plan while Twilight profusely denying it, completely convinced it was still all for the mission.

  2. This is also probably how handler want him to retire. Probably as retirement gift, A family

  3. I still wonder how this story will end one day especially after operation strix. Most probably Loid and Yor getting married and keeping Anya with them.

  4. That will be the best end to the manga: >!the three of them together after Operation Strix ~!<

  5. the first frame actually aligns with the movie lmao, just that gru adopted three kids

  6. The funny thing about this is that before seeing the sub name I genuinely thought you were just describing the plot of the Despicable Me films

  7. The manga better have them “renewing their vows” to actually get married or riot.