[ART] Coloring pages of Tomo-Chan until I finish, give up, or die “Unique Sense of Shame” [Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko! Ch. 320]

[ART] Coloring pages of Tomo-Chan until I finish, give up, or die “Unique Sense of Shame” [Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko! Ch. 320]

[ART] Coloring pages of Tomo-Chan until I finish, give up, or die "Unique Sense of Shame" [Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko! Ch. 320]

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  1. *I have been purified by the purest tomboy smile, and no further lewd thoughts on pro running wear shall cloud my mind anymor-*

    ok, that didn’t last for long.

  2. Don’t ruin it for Tomo please. She’s still innocent.

    But on that note, this is the face of [Tomboy enjoyers]( (Image taken from an official one shot of Demi-chan) when it comes to sport bras, even more so because they give nice tanlines.

    What is there not to love?

    +3 fangs (492 total)


    Edit: had to start a new reddit account recently and now one of my highest rated comment is about how I *totally* don’t have a thing for tanlines and tomboys, seriously I don’t, how could you even think that, so honestly I’m just glad so many people know my moral ground.

    ~~honestly isn’t it pretty weird how often those two tags cross over with netorare?~~

  4. Yay!

    Keep up the good work.

    Nice to see this again after being sick all weekend….

  5. I’ll just post the same thing I did when this [originally came out](

  6. Upvoting fukai20 until this person finishes, gives ups, or dies (please don’t die).

  7. > Besides there’s no one out there that’d think pervy thoughts about pro runners, right?

    [When you know that the author made _THAT_ hentai before](

  8. Cotton candy Carol counter:

    Cumulative: 324 (+0)

    Chapters: 109 (+0)

    Carolless: 1 (+1)

    Chaos: 67 (+0)

    Cute: 26 (+0)


  9. On a more serious note, this kinda makes me remember that the Norwegian handball team got fined because they wanted to wear shorts instead of bikinis. IHF finally changed the rules after that at least, apparently.

  10. Reminds me of Yuki from <Chio chan> where she wears only her sports wear to school, unaware of the eyes looking at her.

    Also her family are home nudists.

  11. new [merch]( announced, go get some!! fuckin do it ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一

    cubari kink: [](

    mangadex link (chapters uploaded in batches): [](

    [or read on tumblr..?](

    [ALSO LISTEN TO THESE!!!!!!!](

  12. Yeaaaahhh totally. No lewd thoughts about running Tomo whatsoeveeeerrrrr hahahaha^PleaseNoBonk

  13. >There’s no one who would have pervy thoughts about pro runners, right?

    [Definitely not… ](

  14. Almost certain there’s a subreddit for that…and it’s aw ~~esome~~ ful

  15. My sweet summer child, Tomo there’s a reason people watch women’s long jump events on TV.

  16. That reminds me why a lot of dudes like to look at long jump women tourneys.

  17. Actually I think tomo chan has a good point I’ve never seen a runner that I consider hot even if they wear those

  18. bikini is bikini, underwear is underwear, even tho they cover the same amount of skin, one of them is okay to see while the other’s don’t, but men enjoy to spectate both all the same

  19. Yeah sure, there is reason that gym clothes is only second compare to swimsuit on doujinshi chart.

  20. tomboy & sport girl so hot and sexy

    I wanna wrestling with Tomo chan every day