[ART] “Brittany Hanayome Ibun” Volume 1 cover

[ART] “Brittany Hanayome Ibun” Volume 1 cover

[ART] "Brittany Hanayome Ibun" Volume 1 cover

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  1. Synopsis -Early thirteenth century, Brittany, France.

    Herald Thomas makes his way across the battlefield on unsteady legs.

    When the battle is over, his wounded master tells him of his next mission. To find a bride for his lord, the Duke of Brittany. To find a bride, he must meet the bride-to-be’s father, Sir Andre, an old friend of the lord.

    Thomas goes to a jousting tournament to meet Lord Andre. But the man he meets there under the name André turns out to be a completely different person.

    However, it turns out that this André is the very bride Thomas was originally looking for…!

    Andre’s questions about why she is participating in the tournament pretending to be a man remain unanswered.

    But then it turns out that her goal is revenge on the Lord of Brittany…

    There is no english translation – [Raw](

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