[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) – Chapter 37

[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) – Chapter 37

[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) - Chapter 37

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  1. Cat dominance, if Takase is dense as mercury then Mii-chan will show him directly by nudging at his dick.

  2. She’s now turning the situation to her advantage. Love it. Mans simply doesn’t know how to handle it

  3. The bets are open! You can select more than one option, but if one is wrong you loose, the winners are the one who selected the most amount of truths by the time of their reveal! Submissions open until the next chapter!

    A. MC runs away from her because he doesn’t like humans

    B. MC asks her to transform into a cat first which pisses her off

    C. Mii-chan realizes what she said and gets embarrassed, running away

    D. All of the above

    E. MC suggests some other cat activities to do

    F. MC does pet her, but he’s too dense to realize the gravity of what he just did

  4. Every chapter from 21 has been in the same day, it’s amazing how the pacing has slowed down but the chapters still feel fresh!

  5. holy fuck this might end way faster than I expected. he will probably pull some shit like “okay turn into a cat now please ????”