[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) – Chapter 35

[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) – Chapter 35

[DISC] Even a Cat’s Paw Can Be Useful (NekoTete) - Chapter 35

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  1. Can’t wait for another 500 chapters of blueballing

    Or he becomes a chad like Seto. Be like Seto

  2. The bets are open! You can select more than one option, but if one is wrong you loose, the winners are the one who selected the most amount of truths by the time of their reveal! Submissions open until the next chapter!

    A. MC tries bribing her with other cat toys (like a ball of yarn or something)

    B. MC tries returning to the status quo

    C. Mii-chan gets embarrassed after the punch

    D. All of the above

    E. MC starts thinking she hates him after the punch

    F. MC starts over thinking why she punched him in the first place

  3. Mii chan’s face in the last panel looks like she tired of this dense protag and will start avoiding him or (probably not) just confess again so he has to understand

  4. This remind me about the whole insecurities “this is the first time ever someone”… etc. wonder do the whole being virgin like it is the fucking end of the world really realistic ? I wonder how common it actually is.

    I mean i could understand better if they are adult. But high school ? I am the weirdo of the class and even i don’t bother by it. Some have girlfriend, some don’t. Some make out it class. some never holdhand with a girl. What is the big deal ?

  5. Every time I see Neko Punch I think of this set of Japanese commercials lol-