[ART] “Dog and Scum” volume 1 cover full illustration

[ART] “Dog and Scum” volume 1 cover full illustration

[ART] "Dog and Scum" volume 1 cover full illustration

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  2. “Sexual cannibalism is common among most predatory species of mantises in captivity. It has sometimes been observed in natural populations, where about a quarter of male-female encounters result in the male being eaten by the female. Around 90% of the predatory species of mantises exhibit sexual cannibalism. Adult males typically outnumber females at first, but their numbers may be fairly equivalent later in the adult stage, possibly because females selectively eat the smaller males. In Tenodera sinensis, 83% of males escape cannibalism after an encounter with a female, but since multiple matings occur, the probability of a male’s being eaten increases cumulatively…”

  3. I’ve just spent maybe 2 hours or so catching up and honestly its really good. Mystery, drama, romance. I’m enjoying it and looking forward to more.

  4. How is this a wholesome story? The mc of this story had already lost his love from the very begining…. The fmc aka the love of mc is mc’s friend’s wife. I don’t understand why people are calling it wholesome and cute…