Tier list based on if a champ shits

Tier list based on if a champ shits

Tier list based on if a champ shits

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  1. Why do you have such inconsistency with darkins, ascended and aspects?
    Also I don’t like the tiers, I think instead of 3 unsure tiers it would be funnier if you made something like “shits bc they have to” or “can’t but want to” (Taric, for example, would go here) and “shits and likes it” (Gragas, Twitch, Olaf and also I can see Fiora competing with Garen in the size of it 🤔)

  2. Urgot has to go into probably DOESNT and malzahar aswell as syndra are just humans… with magic… sooooo yeah they probably take huge dumps too.

  3. Why aren’t all of the girls in the “doesn’t shit”? Don’t tell me you actually think that … girls poop??

  4. OP has clearly never owned a cat, we literally have to get a box of sand for this specific problem

    Unless he just forgets about them once the cat has buried them, in which case I’m concerned for their object permanence

  5. I’m confused of what you mean by “shit” due to Brand being in “probably doesn’t shit”. You mean it in the sense of shitting turds or shitting in chat?

  6. Yasuo definitely needs his own category, because he’s a wind shitter. Not even farts. The man literally shits wind.