Yeah Man free

Yeah Man free

Yeah Man free

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  1. Never spend that much money on any game out there

    my friends and i have an annual shaming event for the most money spend on league

  2. Tbf I spent 0$ and played it for more than a thousand hours probably (290lvl). And skin changers exist and I do use it 😉

  3. This is the only argument that you can’t use against this god forsaken game. I have like 1k$ + worth of stuff despite the fact that I only spent like 100$ on it

  4. I dont know about free I have $4k spent. Pretty sure its not free. Dont know who told you that.

  5. I mean, I put in $60 because that’s the cost of a AAA game, and I felt I put in so much time playing lol that they deserved it.

    Never spent anything else, never wanted to either.

  6. I spent many many hours in this game when I was younger, and I managed to do so without spending a single penny. If anything I profited because I got free stuff a couple of times 😀

  7. Got a couple hundred in I think. Used to play a lot of free tournaments for rp. until riot shut those down.