I translated Chapter 332 into English. Full chapter link in comment.

I translated Chapter 332 into English. Full chapter link in comment.

I translated Chapter 332 into English. Full chapter link in comment.

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  1. So proud of Komi. She has such a huge heart and can finally convey it to almost a complete stranger like Shiina. Hope to learn more about Shiina’s past and have her and Komi understand each other more. Her behavior is most likely a defense mechanism brought on by bullying or possibly personal betrayal.

  2. Damn that was tense this chapter.

    I’m glad tadano didn’t overstep and break up the conversation, since it lead to komi stating her intentions. Although we all know he wanted to support her.

  3. Yeah the shiina vs komi stuff is interesting. But the punchline of the underclassmen watching and couldn’t go in because of the fight is amazing lol that had me good, It’s so relatable lmao.

  4. On one hand Shiina sure is obnoxious but on the other hand this is a pretty big growth moment for Komi, she’s come a long way and dealing with somebody like that in such a mature manner really shows it.

    Now we will see if her marksmanship has also improved…

  5. I don’t want shina to be her friend right away. It feels like she’s going to be a tsundere test for Komi to overcome with all the communication skills she’s learned. Realistically they’ll probably be friends in the next couple of arcs but I wouldn’t mind seeing Her be the 100th friend. It would be like a final exam for her

  6. Ngl I was actually excited for the shiina komi conflict. I hope she doesn’t get a redemption arc until pretty late in the manga because the one thing we haven’t really seen much is angry komi.


    im starting to like shiina because she’s changing the meta as much as isagi did back then. plus its making komi talk more like damn thats development for ya

  8. Having a character rile Komi up adds lots of realism to this manga, it can’t all be wholesome fluff.
    This truly was a great chapter.

  9. So Shiina is basically those types who believes that they are the ones in the world who see things objectively & everyone else is dumb? What is it called, Naive realism?

  10. I like Shiima character as she doesn’t see komi as perfect human but only a normal girl and Komi understanding the situation plus getting angry is a great touch up for the chapter.

    Yukapoyo about to drop the fattest violation bomb on Shiima but Komi stop her for good. Boii, she ain’t going to school no more if that bomb was dropped

  11. Dealing with someone that’s pretty hostile to you is a huge hurdle.
    Congrats on Komi for clearing it.

  12. I was really impressed at Komi’s ability to talk so much, and to such an unfriendly person. For people with social anxiety, people like Shiina are the scariest.

    Shiina was really pressumptuous, she always took a single line and tried to define a whole personality out of it. It’s definitely a defense mechanism, she’s pushing everyone away. I think she tried to shoot Komi specifically because it would make the most people angry at her, she’s purposely avoiding making friends.

  13. Yukapoyo just spitting **fire and truth** – another reminder that Manbagi’s gyaru friends are ride or die for life.

    Also, screw Shiina. I’d rather read a dozen back to back chapters of Yamai trying to creep on Komi and failing miserably than read another panel with Shiina in it. At least Anchi was funny when she was trying to be contrary, Shiina is just a bitch. If there ever was a chapter where I wanted to see Tadano genuinely angry at someone, this was it.

  14. Yukapoyo >!coming in for the clutch and destroying her!< is why she’ll always be the best girl in my book.

    Edit: corrected myself, apparently I’m dumb **ENOUGH**

  15. So uh….can someone explain how the last few pages weren’t bullying someone into participating and being Komis friend because that really felt like bullying.

  16. New least favorite character anyone? Like Yamai is bad, but she’s not genuinely the worst person in the manga.

  17. Not liking komi is one thing but insulting the other girl for no reason at all is just being an asshole.

    I hope she continues to be antagonistic until the end of the year and then she finally accepts komi

  18. I was anticipating Shiina because she looked like a more realistic character and because she’d add more interesting interactions to the story (which she does), but I don’t like that she’s just rude without a reason >:( people who act all superior and shit on other people’s fun are insufferable imo

  19. Man she has broken taboo I am kinda curious why all of them aren’t gritting their teeth from rage ?

  20. Shina, regardless of whether she’s realistic or not, is someone i cant help but hate. She called someone a disgusting person unprovoked. Not to mention her reasoning of komi-san being a disgusting person is of her being weird. She, personally, is the type of high school student who is a loner and wants everybody else to be as lonely as she is. What a hypocrite.