Find me one person who can hate kishi san.

Find me one person who can hate kishi san.

Find me one person who can hate kishi san.

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  1. What started out as a meme (for me at least) of liking Kishi despite having no dialogue, prominent moments, or even a face for the majority of the series has quickly developed into a genuine love of this character. She genuinely might be in my top 5 favorites from the cast for no real good reason.

  2. As much as I like her, it’s not easy to hate someone who isn’t that involved in the story

    Compare to Manbagi : a lot of involvement, even as a main character, so there are people who love her but also a lot of people who don’t, simply because there are a lot of people who know about her.

  3. She is a very interesting character. She is quiet, stoic, (spoils for those who haven’t read the manga) >!not hesitate to basically bonk Yamai for being horny, sacrificing herself to protect Komi and seems to have some self-esteem issues or something. She is also a Masochist!<

    Hope she gets a chapter that focuses on her she I would like to know why she starts wearing armour and being a knight

    Edit: Also, as my flair says, she is becoming best girl for me

  4. Man, makes me wish we had just a tad more canon personality for our imagination work with~
    But kishi fans feasting!

  5. There’s something funny about such a memorable design being used for such a minor character.
    She looks like she could be the protagonist of her own series.

  6. I hope she has a chapter, I haven’t read the Manga and was awaiting for it to end before I did. Didn’t find a character I wished to learn more on. However ‘Kishi’ certainly seems eccentric

  7. I haven’t read the manga in ablut 21-2 years, did she get character development or something?

    Anyways, I personally think she’s fine, I’m a bit annoyed however that she is apart of the Simp Squad

  8. I cant recall her, probably cuz she appeared only in the beginning. Most of bizzare characters lost in the latest chapters