Who you got winning?

Who you got winning?

Who you got winning?

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  1. As much of a monster Kakucho is, Taiju is just a brick wall.

    Taiju was stabbed for atleast half an hour, fought Mitsuya, fought Takemichi (which wouldn’t seem like much but Takemichi is a concrete punching bag) and then was oneshotted by Mikey.

    Just look at how Takemichi took both their punches. Taiju was throwing him around the church with each punch. He was still standing after getting punched by an unhurt Kakucho.

  2. Kakucho probably whoops taiju. Taiju got oneshotted by Mikey. Fairer comp maybe kakucho vs Draken. Draken probably wins but that matchup is going to be rly intense

  3. I feel Kakucho bodies, which is sad to say since they’re both in my top 3 fav characters. But Kakucho one shot Muto with a gut punch, afterwards simply punching Angry in Blue Ogre form after Angry one tapped Muto, Mochi, and both the Haitani Brothers. Which equates to ALL OF THE HEAVENLY KINGS, in which Mucho knew Judo / Karate and was a trained fighter, the Haitaini Brothers were basically murderers, and Mochi alone was a beast. While he then later goes on to kick Benkei and survive, albeit the manga shows him losing to Smiley, I STRONGLY FEEL that was because he just wasn’t fully trying to hurt Smiley or even fight at all for that matter. So I feel he beats Taiju, but Taiju would definitely put hands on him.

  4. Tbh, if based on real life, Taiju would’ve beaten the shit out of everyone with that height and body shape

  5. Taiju bodies. Imma explain it how. Kakucho speed is fast but his strength is not enough to took a huge guy like taiju. if you’re saying a strength like Kakucho is great just like how he one punch benkei but that time benkei is not on guard. Once Kakucho gets closer to taiju he can get his ass easily beat off by taiju just like what he did to mitsuya and hakkai. If Kakucho can keep up taiju. He could win but I go for taiju this one.